Harris~Jesse – Pop Art Poems (with Advertising)


Author: Jesse Harris
Publisher: PUBLICATION STUDIO, Guelph 
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9780992036614

Softcover, 34pp. 9.5" x 6.75", signed and numbered 18 / 40
POP ART POEM   is a chapbook by Toronto artist and University of Guelph graduate Jesse Harris. Originally published in issue three of Ideyeahs magazine, the book repurposes the WHAAM!s and CRASHes of pop art as poetry. Jesse Harris works in a variety of media such as sculpture, printmaking, vinyl-cutting, bookmaking, and animated GIFs (like this one here! or this other one here), and his work often incorporates text creations, such as his buttons and pins (sporting slogans like "Think or Thwim"). His work references punk, pop art, and conceptual art to recontextualize and reevaluate D.I.Y. aesthetics, often depicting the transformation of radical messages into collectible kitsch.


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