Xu, Xiaoxiao – Shooting the Tiger*


Author: Maria-Caterina Bellinetti
Publisher: The Eriskay Connection
Year: 2022
ISBN: 9789492051783

Paperback, 96 pages, English, 23 x 33 cm
Condition: NEW

Discover the traditional festival known as Shèhuo, which takes place in Northwest China. Through theatrical performances, songs, and acrobatics, farmers invoke blessings for an abundant and fruitful harvest in the coming season. In a world where the connection between people and the soil has become frail, this book celebrates an aspect of Chinese culture that seems to be disappearing, but might instead be evolving. It follows Xiaoxiao Xu on her journey into the colourful world of Shèhuo as she travels from village to village, is welcomed into homes, and experiences preparations for the events. Xu shows that there is still comfort in traditions, even when they are not ours.

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