Williams~Heathcote – Poetry (sold)


Author: Williams~Heathcote
Publisher: Cold Turkey Press, France
Year: 2012
Artist: Bellaart~Gerard


Limited edition: 36

Portfolio with 32 unbound pages

Size: 266 x 180 x 4 mm


Heathcote Williams is a prolific English poet, actor, artist, and playwright. His

first book The Speakers (1964) was published when Williams was 23 years old

and his first play AC/DC (1970) was staged both in London and New York.

Williams played an active part in the London underground scene of the late

60s and early 70s as an artist, a publisher and a regular contributor to the

magazines International Times and Suck.


Williams’s Poetry is a long ode to the powers, and notably the revolutionary

powers, of poetry. In refutal of W.H. Auden’s line “poetry makes nothing

happen”, with which the poem opens and closes, Williams sums up events

from distant and near history in which the power of poetry brought about

social and political change.

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