Sojun~Ikkyū – ‘Nine Poems’


Author: Ikkyū Sojun (1394-1481) and Malcolm Ritchie 
Publisher: Cold Turkey Press, France 
Year: 2019
First edition, 10 pages, sewn bound, The calligraphy of Ikkyū’s poems, in their original Chinese, is by the artist Masako Hagiwara. The English versions by the poet Stephen Bergare his interpretations based on scholarly translations by Sonja Arntzen. 

Cold Turkey Press: ‘Ikkyū Sojun Nine Poems’ March 13, 2019 by Jan Herman The Rinzai Zen master Ikkyū Sojun (1394-1481) was a poet, musician, artist, and rebel. He led a life of whoring and drinking. “Sex became a transcendental and sacred act,” Malcolm Ritchiewrites in an afterword to this chapbook. Ikkyū’s poems —”often erotic, argumentative, contradictory, judgmental, self-doubting, and occasionally shaded with guilt”—are still as startling as the day they were written.

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