Shimabuku – Agnès b., Point d’ironie # 55


Rédacteur en chef: Hans Ulrich Obrist
Publisher: Agnès b., Paris
Year: 2014

Softcover, double folded, 30,5 x 43,4 cm, 8 page artist's publication.
condition: mint
A hybrid publication, half newspaper, half poster. The series originated during a discussion between agnes b., Christian Boltanski and Hans-Ulrich Obrist. Each issue gives carte blanche to an artist to appropriate the space of the paper.
“These are four of my recent works: Flying Me, Sea and Flowers, Leaves Swim and My Teacher Tortoise. Sea and Flowers: One day I saw a red flower floating on the waves along the coast. Was this flower drifting away to some far off place ? And I thought of the day when these flowers, long ago, drifted here from the continent across the sea. Where will they go, the flowers I cast into the sea ? Will they eventually arrive somewhere else ?”

Japanese artist Shimabuku (born in 1969 in Kobe) travels the world, creating artworks that examine how people live and communicate. Full of humour and poetry, his work includes performance, video and installation. This issue of point d’ironie was made on the occasion of Shimabuku’s 2 solo shows at Air de Paris «City in the Sea» (21 March - 10 May 2014) and Kunsthalle Bern «Flying Me» (4 April - 25 May 2014) .



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