Author: Serafijn~Q.S.
Publisher: Post Edition, Rotterdam
Year: 2012
Artist: Serafijn~Q.S.
ISBN: 978 9460830631

Paperback, 192 p, ills colour, 23 x 17 cm, English and Dutch edition.
Condition: as new
Q.S. Serafijn, NOTES 

Serafijn is an artist, writer and publicist. In his work disciplines are closely interrelated; for example when
Serafijn works on an assignment for the public space, he accompanies the image
with a story that reflects on the genesis of the picture and, casually,
analyses the public space and the job situation. In 'Notes 3', for the first
time a wide choice of his visual work, blogs, mini-essays and short stories has
been gathered.

Notes 3, Q.S. Serafijn (text publisher)

The artist lives from day to day: fatherless, homeless, unresisting, intuitive and inconsistent. Every work of art is a folly, a useless structure. Art is about nothing: this is what makes art important and meaningful. Art is a baseline. Whoever wants to change the world must conquer it.
Q.S. Serafijn is a visual artist, writer and publicist. He also keeps a blog -a slow blog, a slog- on visual art.
Notes 3 brings together a wide selection of Serafijn's visual work, reflections, blogs, mini-essays and short stories.
This selection was put together through 'crowd editing' -fifty people made a selection of their favourite image or text by the artist.
In addition, six authors wrote a text on issues related to the work: Dirk van Weelden analyses the Q.S. Serafijn character and his idiosyncratic relationship with art and reality, Anna Tilroe reflecs on the the concept of commitment, Harry Starren writes about modern patronage, Ragna Siguroardottir on the relationship between text and image on the basis of some of his recent work, Ruud Kaulingfreks on the hybrid nature that typifies a number of artists and artworks and Siebe Thissen on the attitude of citizens in the context of art in public space.



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