Serafijn, Q.S. – Aantekeningen / Notes – Dora Garcia , Contes choisis – Albert Goederond, La Salle


Author: Jouke Kleerebezem, Fred Wagemans, Wilma van Assendonk9073501
Publisher: De Appel, Amsterdam
Year: 1992
ISBN: 9073501 105 / ...091 /...113

Softcover, stapled bound, English/Dutch
Condition: good
Q.S. Serafijn – Aantekeningen/Notes
Dora Garcia – Contes choisis
Albert Goederond – La Salle
De Appel showed work of three then little-known artists in three solo exhibitions. They differed in age, background and experience but they were all exponents of the present time: they made a freehanded use of images and of imaging means which enabled them to break free from the established codes of painting, sculpture and photography. By using objects, language, found images, furniture, animals etc., they produced ‘arrangements’ which were not so much a style as a mentality. Poetical but at the same time analytical, their work achieved in each case a personal and subtle compass of feeling which implied an allergy to clamorous self-conceit. The artists referred, with varying degrees of explicitness, to the problem of whether they could or wished to add new images to those already stored in our museum, our books or our brains. The showcase by Q.S. Serafijn contains a collation of images which all have some reference to the history of art but acquire a new meaning in the present context. The maker of this work describes himself as a ‘Super Non-individual Watcher’ an observing third party who wishes to do no more than make notes, or comments on what the viewer already knows or can find elsewhere. Serafijn regularly adopts tactics such as repetition, doubling and placing between quotation marks or in a frame. Concepts like authenticity and identity become derailed by the presence of what might be termed unique duplicates and replicas with an authentic touch.

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