Schuh~Gotthard – ‘Une approche amoureuse’.*


Artist: Gotthard Schuh
Author: Peter Pfrunder, Gilles Mora, Martin Gasser. 
Publisher: Steidl
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9783865219527

Hardcover with dust jacket. 312 pages, English, 24 x 29.1 cm.
Condition: NEW

At the start of the 1930s Gotthard Schuh was one of the leading representatives of modern photographic journalism in Switzerland. His interests were above all in subjectively influenced photography. With his sensuous and atmospheric imagery he turned himself into a master of poetic realism and left his mark on the younger generations of photographers after World War II. Robert Frank, to name just one, received groundbreaking impulses from the work of his friend.

Cet ouvrage richement illustré rend hommage à l'approche subjective, clé de la cohérence interne de l'univers visuel de Gotthard Schuh - ce qu'il appelait lui-même une approche amoureuse. Outre la présentation de ses principaux reportages, l'accent a été mis sur l'érotisme subtil, mais aussi sur la mélancolie et la tristesse existentielle qui irriguent son oeuvre.

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