PERESS~Gilles. Telex Iran. In the Name of the Revolution. (SOLD)


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Author: Gholam-Hossein Sa edi.
Publisher: Scalo Publishers, Zürich
Year: 1997
Artist: PERESS~Gilles
ISBN: 3-931141-36-5

Gilles Peress (Photographer}, Telex Iran. In the Name of the Revolution.

Hardcover (Reprint), 102 pages

27 x 38 cm. Eng.

First published in 1984.

Telex Iran established Giules Peress’ reputation as a committed photo-journalist and exceptional book designer. Since it went out of print, it has become one of the most sought-after photography books of the decade. This re-issue of telex Iran proves that Peress’ photographs of the hostage crisis in Teheran have only gained in impact with the years that have passed. Twelve years later it remains a vital and revealing portrait of this belaguered, complicated nation. The political collision of America and Iran, which resulted in the 1981 hostage crisis, brought Peress to Iran. Telex Iran, one of the finest photojournalistic monographies, is what he brought back.

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