Ouden~Wies den – 1 december 1995*


Author: Wies den Ouden,
Publisher: Self Publisher
Year: 2016

Design | Hamid Sallali, Wies den Ouden,
Edition of 150 copies, number 81/150, text in Dutch

Technical specifications:
Size | 210 x 270 mm portrait
Description | cover folder 2×4 pages | text part 96 pages | 5 loose inserts and tip-in 2 pages
Paper | cover folder 450 gsm Wild Clay | text part 8 pages on 115 gsm Sirio color nero, 24 pages on 60 gsm IBO One and 64 pages on 100 gsm EOS 2.0 | loose inserts and cover tip-in on 150 gsm Magno volume
Printing | cover folder unprinted | text part 8 pages digital printing, 24 pages impression in black + PMS 415 grey duotone and 64 pages impression in full colour | loose inserts and cover tip-in impression in full colour
Finsihing | thread sewn with black thread in coldglue, folder covers included | Brillianta linen spine up to 7 mm on front- and backside of the cover | title on front cover folder blind embossed, tip-in glued on blind embossing back cover | 5 loose inserts placed in the book

Selected by de Volkskrant at the 20 most beautiful photobooks of 2016

The title of this special, personal photo book of Wies den Ouden refers to the day when her 17-year-old son suffered from a brain hemorrhage. After the introduction (black text on black paper), a story of diagnosis, hospital treatment and rehabilitation is displayed in photo images and loose inserts.