OLTHETEN~Paulien – Photos from Japan


Author: Paulien Oltheten
Artist: Paulien Oltheten
Publisher: NAi publishers
Year: 2011
ISBN: 978-90-5662-799-7

Softcover, Pages: 240, English

 Paulien Oltheten, Photos from Japan

Paulien Oltheten (b. 1982) travels the globe with her camera, casually but precisely capturing photos and video footage of people on the streets who are passing by, waiting or hanging around. They all seem to be registrations of accidental moments, but the situations are often created with great naturalness. ‘I asked them to lean, because they were standing up straight (which was less beautiful),’ she writes in reaction to the simultaneous bow of two ladies behind a drink stand.

This book is a compilation of photos and film stills that were recently shot in Japan in combination with images, short texts and sketches from Oltheten’s extensive archive. It is a book about thoughts, about lines, folds and wrinkles, about interspaces and traces. Everyday and absurd, real and staged.

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