Odermatt, Arnold – Feierabend | After Work | Après le boulot


Author: Urs Odermatt
Publisher: Steidl
Year: 2016
ISBN: 978-3-86930-973-6

Hardcover, Cloth, 348 pages, English, German, French
Condition: NEW

Following Arnold Odermatt’s »Karambolage, »On Duty and »Off Duty, Steidl presents more rediscovered masterpieces by this remarkable selftaught photographer, who trained himself primarily through his duties as a policeman in the small, secluded Swiss canton of Nidwalden. Odermatt thus developed an unconventional artistic fingerprint, which served him well during his working days as well as after hours.

Whenever off duty, Odermatt often volunteered to take pictures throughout Nidwalden. He photographed his motifs usually only once, developed prints on demand and then archived them in his attic—all was preserved but ignored. Luckily, Urs Odermatt has rescued these treasures and ensured their publication. Let’s call it a day is the fourth volume in a series of books that brings into focus this extraordinary work.

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