Nollen~Arno – Regarde* (signed)(sold(


Artist: Arno Nollen
Publisher: Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam
Year: 2001

Artist book, Soft cover, 30x21 cm, images 56 b/w, 79 pages, edition of 500, English, design: Arno Nollen & Gabriele Franziska Götz, mint.

Numbered and signed by Aro Nollen, 291/500

"Nollen is passionate about, or obsessed with girls. He is fascinated by the young maturity of his models, their body language and facial expression. He meets them in the street, in bars and discos. The photographer is not interested in their person or story. In his work, Nollen shows girls from all angles, moving and still. "You never know what the girl's faces will show and everything shall change."

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