Martin, kris – Every Day of the Week


Author: Volker Adolphs (ed.)
Publisher: Kunstmuseum Bonn. Distanz Verlag 
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9783942405676

Hardcover, 182 pages, English, 24.7 x 30.6 cm
Condition: NEW
The art of Kris Martin conveys an intense experience of the finitude of life. Time is essential to this artist, whose relentless engagement with mortality and the evanescent qualities of art has defined his rising career. 

His works, which include installations, sculptures, photographs, drawings, writing, and sound, also inquire into the possibility of spirituality, eternity, religion, and God. Despite their melancholy and romantic aspects, they often also display flashes of skeptical humor. Martin uses found items that always bring their own history with them; or he commissions lavishly produced objects in formats ranging from the very small to the expansive. 

Opulently designed in collaboration with the artist, this book presents recent works as well as images of earlier works for reference purposes.

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