Kuball, Mischa – Private Light / Public Light


Author:  Karin Stempel, Tracey Bashkoff, José Artur Giannotti
Publisher: ‎ Hatje Cantz Verlag, Ostfildern
Year: 1998
ISBN: 3893225048

Hardcover, 136  pages, English / German, 30 x 21,5 cm
Condition: very good
Private light, public light : Mischa Kuball : deutscher Beitrag zur 24. Biennale São Paulo 1998

The art of the Düsseldorf artist Mischa Kuball is a carefully- calculated game with the medium of light. Lavishly illustrated with photographs, this volume documents the artist's latest exhibition concept. Kuball developed a three-part project for the São Paulo Biennale in 1998, an artistic reflection on public and private spaces and their interconnection, and the relationship between the individual and society. In the work Public Blend, the public lighting in a street is replaced by the residents' private lights. For the project Private Life, which was also interactive, around 100 families or individuals in São Paulo were asked to exchange a lamp from their homes for a standard lamp designed by Mischa Kuball. The swapped lamps were exhibited at the Biennale and thus transformed into official exhibits that threw light on the exhibition's structure and architecture. Finally, Public Alphabet is the title of a video work in which an alphabet is developed from the city lights which points up the legibility of signs and shows at the same time how they are trapped in their context. The artist: Mischa Kuball, born 1959 in Düsseldorf, is a self-taught artist. In 1990 he received a sponsorship prize from ars viva, Kulturkreis im BDI, Cologne. This was followed by a grant for contemporary photography from Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Stiftung, Essen in 1991, and a sponsorship prize for visual arts from Land North-Rhine Westphalia in 1993. He lives and works in Düsseldorf.

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