Klimpel~Kasia – ‘The Grand Tour.’*


Author: Melanie Bühler, Thomas Seelig, Bertrand Deslarzes
Publisher:  Roma Publications, Amsterdam
Year: 2015
ISBN : 9789491843365

Paperback, Sewn Bound, 48 pages + 16 p. booklet,  24 x 30 cm, English/French/German
Design: Roger Willems
Condition: NEW
Roma Publications 242

This book is published on the occasion of an exhibition of ‘The Grand Tour’, a project by Amsterdam-based photographer and media artist Kasia Klimpel at the Mauvoisin Dam and the Musée de Bagnes in Le Châble. According to the artist, the project is “a travelogue through the world of maps” wherein she lends new meaning to the notion of the Grand Tour, which reached its heyday in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Klimpel uses the junction between the unfiltered mass dispersion of digital images and their use as dynamic artistic objects to insert her own photographic yet fictional model landscapes into the unpredictable algorithmic realm of global search engines and geotags.


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