Hanuman Books: Henri Michaux, ‘By Surprise’


Author:  Henri Michaux, Randolph Hough, Allen Ginsberg
Publisher: Hanuman Books, New York
Year: 1987
ISBN 0937815055

Mint condition, wrappers with dust jacket, offset-printed, sewn bound, black-and-white, 10.5 x 7 cm. 110 pp.

An essay by Henri Michaux translated by Randolph Hough. Introduction by Allen Ginsberg. Published and edited by Raymond Foye and Francesco Clemente.
Hanuman Books was a series of books published between 1986 and 1993 out of the Chelsea Hotel in New York City. Featuring some of the biggest names in avant-garde culture of the time - including figures from Beat poetry, gay and trans culture, Warhol’s Factory, San Francisco’s North Beach and New York’s Lower East Side art scenes, the Naropa Institute, contemporary music and film - the series has since acquired a cult following. 

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