GOLDIN~Nan. I’ll Be Your Mirror.*


Author: Elisabeth Sussman,David Armstrong,J.Fenton,Nan Goldin,Marvin Heiferman, W. Keller,Hoberman,C.Mueller,D.Pinckney,L.Sante,Jochim Sar
 Publisher: SCALO i.c.Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
 Year: 1996
 Artist: GOLDIN~Nan
 ISBN: 3-931141-43-8

Softcover, 27,5 x 21 cm.,  491 pages. 455 colour photos. Text in German.
Published to accompany the 1996 mid-career survey organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art, I'll Be Your Mirror remains the most comprehensive and critically praised publication on the work of photographer Nan Goldin. Covering two decades of her life and art, from her time in Boston in the 1970s through her move to downtown New York City and her subsequent and stratospheric rise in the art world, Goldin's most memorable work is collected here. Amongst the many powerful images are photographs of friends and lovers sometimes in pain, sometimes in repose; self portraits taken during an abusive relationship, from The Ballad of Sexual Dependency; the transvestite and transgendered kings and queens of The Other Side; and the harrowing and moving documentation of the slow death from AIDS of close friend Cookie Mueller.

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