FURUYA~Seiichi. Mèmoires 1995.*


Author: Stahel, Toshiharu Ito~Urs
Publisher: Scalo Publishers, Zurich
Year: 1995
Artist: Furuya~Seiichi
ISBN: 1-881616-54-1

Hardcover with dust jacket, first edition, 17 x 22 cm, 160 pp., 117 plates., 29 in color.English.
Katalog, Winterthur 1995.
This is a collection of photographs taken by Seiichi Furuya of
his wife Christina over a period of seven years until her suicide in 1985. The
pictures capture the changes that occurred to their relationship, as it moved
from being a lighthearted friendship to possessing the darker atmosphere of
impending illness and death. The final pictures have a sense of fore-knowledge
and tragedy.

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