FRANK~Robert. Thank You.*


Publisher: Scalo Verlag A.G. Zürich
Year: 1998
Artist: FRANK~Robert
ISBN: 3-931141-27-6

Softcover, 80 pages, 125 color, duotone, 5 1/2 x 8 3/8 in. (14 x 21.5 cm) text in English


In this volume, photographer Robert Frank presents a selection of postcards and letters that have been sent to him in the past 40 years, including correspondance from Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and other well-known figures.

“In the spring of 1995 I gave Robert Frank a little blank book and suggested he fill it with his own pictures and messages, just an unspectacular little sketchbook. At first, Frank was dismissive and skeptical. But every now and then I would ask what had become of the little book and its blank pages. On one day in March 1996 he called me and said that it was time for a visit and that he might have a little surprise for me…”

Walter Keller

Frank is one of the most famous and respected photographers alive-yet he has remained an enigma. Who is Robert Frank? How does he live? Who are his friends?

Thank You is a humble and reluctant kind of autobiography. It shows Frank as seen through the eyes of his friends and acquaintances. It contains facsimiles of postcards and messages sent to Frank-among others from Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, publisher Robert Delpire, artists Ralph Gibson, Jim Goldberg as well as young Argentinian and Japanese photographers.

Although the book shows you no original artwork of Frank’s-apart form the cover photograph-it is amazingly consistent with his work and aesthetic. Although Frank doesn’t tell you anything about himself in his own words, you’ll learn as much as you ever will about Robert Frank. A small book that is as graceful as it is oblique, as honest as it is reluctant. It provides a welcome contrast in a time where it seems that people cannot stop speaking out publicly about themselves and their private lives.

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