Duyvendijk~Marco van – ‘Motsure Hotsure Tsumugu’*


Author: Marco van Duyvendijk
Publisher: Self published
Year: 2016
ISBN: 978-90-813385-7-8

Softcover, 80 pages (20 by 25 cm) and two minibooks (12 pages, 14 by 18cm). Drawings: Haruka Mitani 三谷悠華; Cover design: Jochem Coenen, offset printing, embossing on the cover. Edition of 700.
Condition: NEW
Motsure Hotsure Tsumugu tells the story of the kimonos of the Japanese island Amami. It is a poetic photo series about the beauty of kimonos and how they are traditionally produced. Combined with a series of intimate portraits and images of nature, the book has a gentle rhythm in which it shows a quiet and slowly vanishing world full of craft and dedication.


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