BLIKMAN~Erica – Nieuwe Buren, Crooswijk verandert


Publisher: Post Editions, Rotterdam
Year: 2010
Artist: Blikman~Erica
ISBN: 9460830269 / 9789460830266
Author: Kleinhans, Dik Vuik, Erika Blikman~Reinhout

Hardback, 14 x 1 x 20 cm, text in Dutch, 72 pp.
Condition: very good, as new
Moving from one city to another is a radical event: a new home, new neighbours and a new neighbourhood. Photographer and artist Erika Blikman documented her move from Amsterdam into a new apartment block in Crooswijk, a working class district in Rotterdam. Starting with portraits of the neighbours in the new building and photographs of their freshly decorated bedrooms, she wanted to find out whether the presence of these new residents - who, at first sight, have not much in common with the original residents - had any influence on the neighbourhood. Gradually she became curious of the environs. Blikman used her camera to find her way around and to initiate projects where old and new residents could meet and get to know each other. 'I became aware that observing with my camera was not sufficient. In this project, I was the not only observer, I was also involved. That is why I had to take action.' 

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