Baer~Jo – Broadsides & Belles Lettres. Selected Writings and Interviews 1965-2010.*


Author:  Roel Arkesteijn (ed.)
Publisher:  Roma Publications, Amsterdam
Year: 2010
ISBN : 9789077459492

Hardcover, 184 + 64 pages appendix, English, 29 x 24 cm
Design: Roger Willems
Condition: NEW
Roma Publications 142

Approximately 50 texts - richly illustrated -, published and unpublished, written between 1965 and the present: letters, essays, interviews, articles, facsimiles of illustrated texts, transcripts of talks, and a book-in-progress: Revisioning the Parthenon. The items are of disparate length and tone and cover subjects ranging from optics to orchids, cultural politics to ancient Greek iconography, art theory and philosophy to the mixed pleasures of living in a drafty castle in the Irish countryside. To all these diverse topics Baer brings formidable powers of analysis, rigorous logic, a penchant for provocation, lively wit and an inimitable, exacting use of language - the same ingredients that go into her art. Design: Roger Willems. 184 pp hardcover + 64 pp appendix. Made possible with the support of Fonds BKVB, Galerie Paul Andriesse, and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

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