Schmid~Joachim – ‘The Missing Picture’.


Author: SCHMID~Joachim
Publisher: Joachim Sc9id, Berlin
Year: 2000

Paperback, Glue Bound,  40 p.,Black-and-White,  12.5 x 20 cm.
Condition: as new

The digitization of contemporary life through the internet has revolutionized the way in which we treat and consume images. In response to new forms of dissemination and production, Joachim Schmid produced the digital multichannel photo installations, Netzerscheinungen and Reload, a selection of which were included on his website. After receiving a number of complaints from photographers who found their work on his site, Schmid replaced a number of images with placeholders denoting a removed or missing image. The Missing Pictures compiles these icons, which were all sourced online, into book form.

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