Sinclair~John – Army: Street Writings, Prison Writings.


Author: Sinclair~John
Publisher: Douglas Book Corporation, New York
Year: 1972
ISBN: 0-88209-0003

Guitar Army: Street Writings, Prison Writings.

Hardcover.  Dust Jacket. First Edition. 364 pages; Signed by Author John Sinclair; 210 x 135 mm. English.
Designed by Gary Grimsham.

After the Detroit riots of 1967 the White Panther Party grew out of the Detroit Artists’ Workshop, a collective under the leadership of John and Leni Sinclair, which radically dedicated their creativity to “a total assault on the culture”. Politics, music, psychedelica, and arts were fused into a revolutionary force with The MC5’s rock and Gary Grimshaw’s graphic design as best-known exponents. The White Panther Party was organised and named after the Black Panther Party and became a vital part of the counter-culture. After John Sinclair had been set up by an undercover FBI agent and had been sentenced in 1969 to nine and a half to ten years imprisonment for the possession of two joints, his wife compiled his “street writings” and “prison writings” into GUITAR ARMY. The 366 pages of this beautifully designed and printed book form a true document of the counter-culture in general and of the White Panther Party in particular.

This scarce book is the saga of the rock and roll guerrillas, the MCS, who were managed by John Sinclair until he was sent to prison in July of 1969 for possession of two joints of marijuana. It also contains a collection of his outlaw writings which helped him get out of prison after serving a little over two years of a 10 year sentence.

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