Horvers~Toine – moving – writing, 1 works in time and space, 2 moving and writring in texts by others


Author: Toine Horvers et al.
Publisher: Stichting Suburban, Rotterdam
Year: 2020
ISBN: 9789083003849

Softcover, unpag. English, first edition of 250 copies, 22,5 x 15,5 x 2 cm
Signed copy.
Condition: new

Editorial- and text advice Kathrin Wolkowicz, Dick van Teylingen.
Translations Simon Benson, Maaike Trimbach, Samuel Vriezen, Helen Adkins. Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei
Graphic design Koos Siep
The book moving - writing is a collection of brief descriptions of 120 works which, as an artist, I realized as performances and installations and in derivative form also in drawings and writings.
Despite the documentary character of the book - all described works are existing concepts appearing in chronological order - moving - writing is a new autonomous work about movement and the imaginative power of language.
Each page contains the description of one work: a short story about a formal and conceptual meeting with space and time, accurately described and shaped while at the same time leaving much space for the reader’s imagination.

Because of the possible role that my book could play in the never-ending discussion about conserving and documenting volatile works of art, I invited writers from related disciplines to respond to the subject through the book, as well as existing text that seemed relevant for this item:
Marcus Bergner, artist, experimental filmmaker, sound poet, writer
Hannes Böhringer, philosopher
Florian Cramer  Lecturer Art
Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen artist
Nell Donkers, archivist De Appel art centre
Tim Etchells, performance artist, writer, theatre director
Ger Groot  philosopher
Geert Koevoets  sculptor
Thomas Körtvelyessy dancer
Dom H. van der Laan  architect
Dick Raaijmakers  composer/thinker
Jan Laurens Siesling art historian/ writer
Sanddra Smets art critic/publicist
Hans Stevens artist/writer/thinker
ieke Trinks performance artist
Samuel Vriezen, composer and poet
Ciel Werts, dance/movement pedagogue + Emilie Gallier: Laban-notation

(Toine Horvers)


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