WENDINGEN 1918-1931, ~The covers of (sold)


Publisher: 010 Publishers, Rotterdam/Netherlands,
Year: 1995. 

1st edition. Spiral/steel, 21cmx15,5cm, Design: Reynoud Homan.
Condition: Good
The dutch magazine WENDINGEN was published from 1918 to 1931. Initiated by the architect Wijdeveld. Its first issue caused a sensation. There was nothing about its exceptional square format, its typography or binding that related to the typographic style of the day. Its pages, whose backs are attached as in a japanese block book, were stitched together with raffia. Here, for the first time, the covers of all 116 issues of WENDINGEN are reproduced in full colour. 
Amongst the many cover designers we find the names of: El Lisitsky, Dudok, Finsterlin, Laueriks, Copier, Toorop, Krop, Vilmos Huszar and Michel de Klerk. Together the covers represent the varied and impressive contents of WENDINGEN to perfection, and form an outstanding contribution to the history of twentieth century graphic art. 116 illustrations in color. With a chronological list of all issues and an alphabetical one of the cover designers.

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