TWUMBLEWEED – Leendert Blok & Niels Schumm


 Author: Heiden~Maria
 Publisher: Basalt Publishers - Amsterdam
 Year: 1998
 Artist: Blok, Niels Schumm~L.
 ISBN: 90-75574-09-6

Tumbleweed – Leendert Blok & Niels Schumm

Hardback, 19 x 15 cm, Full colour, 44 pp. concept Frido Troost/Willem van Zoetendaal.

This precious publication is, after Tulipa, Gold Dust and Jehoshaphat’s Valley, the fourth issue in the Linde series published by Basalt in 1998. A beautiful mix of autochromes by Leendert Blok and early photographs by fashion photographer Niels Schumm.

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