Schwartz~Johannes – Passion



 Author: Stigter~Bianca
 Publisher: Van Zoetendaal Publishers, Amsterdam
 Year: 2010
 Artist: Schwartz~Johannes
 ISBN: 978-90-815303-1-6

Soft cover, Full Colour,

Johannes Schwartz – Passion

House and home
For his latest exhibition, Schwartz visited a recently abandoned house to compile a new series of photographs. The sombre interior of the house barely seems to have changed since the fifties and provided intriguing subject matter, resulting in a series of film-like snapshots. The furniture and objects are a reflection of the personality of someone who lived in the house for many years.
Formula for success
Schwartz works to a fixed formula – he first determines a specific subject before exploring it in depth. In Passion , discarded plastic bags that were strewn about the house become the main subject. The seemingly arbitrary bags instantly rouse curiosity as their contents remain hidden. The strength of Schwartz’s work lies in his ability to give the impression that the existing situations he photographs are actually meticulously staged arrangements.


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