BLOKLAND~Sara – Fam.


Publisher: Van Zoetendaal Publishers, Amsterdam
 Year: 2001
 Artist: BLOKLAND~Sara
 ISBN: 90-802132-5-x

Sara Blokland, Fam.

Stiff photo-pictorial wrappers (softcover), 33 x 24,3 cms., (32) pp. with full color plates. English


Concept: Sara Blokland/Willem van Zoetendaal
Design: Willem van Zoetendaal

Sara Blokland, Fam.
Fam. is a series of portraits of members of the same family, in which each person is photographed individually ,in the family’s shared indoor environment. The portraits present staged situations, based on the individuals’ natural poses, postures and personal boundaries, in order to reveal their self-image.
With this series the artist attempt to explore the physical relations between these family members, their bodies, and their poses. In photographs, which are mainly enlarged Polaroids, the individuals appear to be lost, disconnected, or even alienated from each other. The family relations are rebuilt through the unique size differentiation of the prints and their arrangement on the walls , which almost resembles a page in a family photo album.


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