ROTGANS~Frits.Panorama Rotgans Rotterdam. De jaren vijftig.


Author: Cox~Albert
Publisher: Stichting Uitgeverij DUO/DUO Rotterdam
Artist: ROTGANS~Frits
ISBN: 90-72971-46-9

Deel 3 uit de serie "Panorama Rotgans"
Design : Rick Vermeulen.
Copies printed : 1500. 30 x 11cm .
Photographic monument of Rotterdam in the fifties in the form of panorama photos that the internationally well-known photographer Frits Rotgans (1912 - 1978) took with his self-constructed cameras. Albert Cox expresses his love of Rotterdam and finds the exact words for the 'couleur locale' of the city in the fifties.
Once again (see also the previous issue of Panorama Rotgans Rotterdam) a beautiful homage to the city of Rotterdam.
Anne Schipper.

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