MANEN~Bertien van. Give me your image.


Author: Andruchowytsch~Juri
Publisher: Steidl, Gottingen
Year: 2006
Artist: MANEN~Bertien van
ISBN: 3-86521-198-4

Bertien Van Manen: Give me your image.

Gebonden. 6.75 x 8.75 in./144 pgs / 72 color.

Bertien Van Manen: Give me your image

Essay by Juri Andruchowytsch.

From 2002 through 2005, Bertien van Manen traveled all over Europe visiting families and documenting their personal photographs, some selected from albums or hanging on walls, and others stashed in less obvious places around their lives. She collected traces of war and suppression and of happiness and sadness, encompassing a century of history in these recorded–and here re-recorded–meetings of human eyes, minds and hearts. Beyond its very basic appeal, the project seems to reassess van Manen???????s earlier work–a career of more direct photojournalism including A Hundred Summers, a Hundred Winters, on the people of the former Soviet Union, and East Wind West Wind on the people China–and to memorialize the paper print itself, in light of pervasive new digital cameras and photo-enabled cell phones that make her work all the more rare.

Citaat uit de recensie van Han Schoonhoven: “Geschiedenis is in Give me your image geen theoretisch, bovenmenselijk fenomeen. In de opnamen van Van Manen, uit de foto’s van de mensen die zij ontmoette, ontstaat een gezamenlijke historie vanuit het persoonlijkst mogelijke perspectief.” & uit de recensie van Marianne Vermeijden in NRC Handelblad: “Van Manen’s boek is zowel een document humain als een innemend bewijs van het belang van fotografie, van fotografische herinneringen.”

Bertien van Manen has crossed a large part of the world for her previous works, and now she has extensively travelled for her new work: these are personal pictures and family portraits from all over the europe, against an intimate backdrop.

“This is a study of interior photography” Yuri Andrukhovych –

‘Bertien van Manen’s photographs – rich, textured, from the hip – might be described as a sort of visual anthropology. But while that term gets at what she does – immersing herself in the communities she photographs and investigating visual manifestations of culture, namely photography itself – it’s too academic and fusty to describe how her pictures look. A cross between Robert Frank and Nan Goldin with a little bit of Martin Parr, her pictures are deftly composed, with an intuitive sense of colour. At the same time they can feel casual, and almost accidental. Which is, of course, entirely intentional…

‘Give Me Your Image’ begins a conversation, through photographs, about photographs and their role in our daily lives.’ Jean Dijkstra, Art Review –

“The current ubiquity of digital images, their endless proliferation

and dissemination, induces a kind of forgetting. The printed

photograph, van Manen reminds us, has a life of its own, aging the way our body does, precious because it’s vulnerable. Van Manen has preserved the curious second life of these images, in a moment when they are threatened with extinction.” Village Voice –

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