MIKHAILOV~Boris. Case History: Homeless People in Ukraine.


Author: Mikhailov, Boris
Publisher: Scalo Publishers, Zurich
Year: 1999
Artist: MIKHAILOV~Boris
ISBN: 3-908247-09-8

Boris Mikhailov, Case History: Homeless People in Ukraine.

480 pp., 7×9-1/2″.Hardbound, dustjacket, Hardcover, 256 pgs / 200 color, Text and photographs by Boris Mikhailov.

1st Scalo ed. Edition Description: 9.53×7.08×1.65 in. 3.69 lbs.

Homeless People in Ukraine

“A gallery may not be the optimal place to see this work;its real force is better understood in a book titled ‘Case History’ I find the book shocking. Its not just the poverty and hardship, not even the bodily erosion and stony sorrow, but the theatrical

sense of intimacy that stings my eyes.”

– Vicki Goldberg, The New York Times.

“Mr. Mikhailov’s photographs convey an unnerving sense of penetrating skin to the bone or to despair.” – Vicki Goldberg, The New York Times.

Scalo Publishers : A powerful book about the desperate lives of the homeless and marginalized in post Cold War Ukraine. Through touching portraits of intimacy and documents of brutal injuries sustained, Boris Mikhailov has emerged as a driven, compassionate photographer of his native land. Widely exhibited in Europe and recently at MoMA in New York, this beautiful, deeply moving visual account ranks as some of the best documentary work of the decade.

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