GOLDIN~Nan. Ten Years After.*


Author: Mueller and Guido Costa~Cookie
 Publisher: Scalo Verlag A.G. Zürich
 Year: 1998
 Artist: GOLDIN~Nan
 ISBN: 3-931141-79-9

Softcover, 142 pages, 92 color, 20 x 20 cm.


After the publication of her first book The Ballad of Sexual Dependency in 1986 Nan Goldin traveled to Naples with her best friend, writer and underground star Cookie Mueller. Together, they basked in the sun, met new friends, got high, and enjoyed a breezy respite from their increasingly difficult lives in New York that were marked by drug abuse and the escalating AIDS crisis. In Naples Cookie met her future husband Vittorio Scarpatti. The first part of Ten Years After shows photographs taken on this trip, reminiscences of a carefree time that seems far away now.

In 1989 Cookie Muller and her husband Vittorio Scarpati both died of AIDS within weeks of each other.

Between 1995 and 1997 Nan Goldin returned several times to the coast of Naples. She took portraits of new found friends that radiate a calm, concentrated strength, pictures of landscapes and still lifes whose careful composition and subtle use of color sign her maturity as an artist.

Ten Years After is a tribute to Cookie Muller, her husband Vittorio, and his brother Daniele who all died of AIDS. It both commemorates times past and celebrates new found friendships and pleasures. Looking at these photographs the development and refinement of Goldin’s photographs is more clearly evident than ever. Eschewing saccharine sentimentality Goldin has transfigured grief and struggle into serene beauty.

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