Sharp~Chris – ‘The Registry of Promise’*


Author: Chris Sharp
Publisher:  Roma Publications, Amsterdam
Year: 2015
ISBN : 9789491843495

Softcover, 204 pages, English, 22 x 29 cm
Design: Roger Willems
Condition: NEW
Roma Publications 255

Over the course of approximately one year, ‘The Registry of Promise’ consisted of four autonomous, interrelated exhibitions, which can be read as individual chapters in a book. In this series, Chris Sharp reflects on our increasingly fraught relationship with what the future may or may not hold, and the work engages with and plays upon the various readings and mutability of “promise”, along with the inevitability of what may come, whether positive or negative. Such polyvalence is particularly topical, as we have shifted from the anthropocentric promise of modernity to a negative faith in the post-human. Richly illustrated with works and installation views, texts and considerations.


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