Navratil~Alexandra – ‘Brittle Land’*


Author:  Paul Feigelfeld, Keston Sutherland, and a poem by Rachel O’Reilly,
Publisher: Roma Publications, Amsterdam
Year: 2016
ISBN : 9789491843594

Hardcover, 176 pages, English, 16 x 22 cm
Condition: NEW
ROMA Publication 266

This book is comprised of stills from Alexandra Navratil’s works ‘Silbersee’ (2015) and ‘Resurrections’ (2014), along with essays by Paul Feigelfeld and Keston Sutherland, plus a poem by Rachel O'Reilly. Taking the former Agfa-ORWO photographic film factory in Wolfen, Germany, as a point of departure, it divulges the interdependent histories of photographic emulsion, gelatin, labour, exploitation, exhaustion, chemical contamination, and slow violence. For Navratil, film reflects the ongoing technological development from the late 19th century until now, a product inextricably linked to the plastics industry that developed simultaneously with it, and to today’s widespread digitisation.

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