COPLANS~John. Hand, Foot


Author: Schampers
Publisher: Museum Boymans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
Year: 1991
Artist: COPLANS~John
ISBN: 90-6918-8
Hand, John Coplans.

Unpaged, numerous b&w duotone photo’s

John Coplans created quite a stir with his large scale, unabashedly nude self-portraits of his aging, heavy-weight body. The book of those photographs, A Body of Work, is now out-of-print. This recent, lesser-known collection of Coplans’ examinations of the human body focuses upon the hand. Throughout history, the hand has fascinated the artist as much as the face as a reflection upon the character of the subject. “Obviously the hand has a history as well as function. However, in comparison to the face, which is outwardly personal, the hand is secretly personal (the unique fingerprint) yet at the same time generic, merely hand. But because each of the hand images is manipulated to reveal structure, overall shape or function, each hand is experienced specifically.”–John Coplans.

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