OOSTERLYNCK~Boudouin – ‘ Partitions’.


Author: Eric de Visser, Mimi Debruyn
Artist: Baudouin Oosterlynck
Publisher: Imschoot Uitgevers, Gent
Year: 1990
ISBN 90-72191-35-8

Softcover, 88 pp., 21 x 30 cm, text in Dutch, French, English
Small scratches on the cover, otherwise good copy.
Baudouin Oosterlynck, born 1946 Kortrijk Belgium, composed alternative music pieces with sound objects, released music albums and published books about sound / art. He experimented with indoor soundprocesses and outdoor sound observations, focused on acoustic phenomena and physical acts of intimate listening. He has realized many performances and installations in Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Spain, United States and other countries. This book shows his music as he drew and described the athmosphere and the space that he envisaged. Sound as a curtain of light and warmth. He drew his compositions, no notations.

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