Norse, Ed Sanders, Carl Weisner~Harold


Authors: Harold Norse, Ed Sanders, Carl Weisner
Publisher: Cold Turkey Press, Rotterdam
Year: 1971

Stapled, 27pp, 250 copies, cardboard cover, text in Dutch, good condition.
First limited edition of 250 copies. Litho offset, label pasted to cover (blue on white wrappers) 
Edited and translated into Dutch by Gerard Bellaart. Withh short bio/bibliographies. Translations of Harold Norse: 'Sniffing Keyholes'.
In: Ira Cohen (ed.): 'Gnaoua' (Tangiers, 1964), Ed Sanders 'The Hairy Table'.
In: Jan Jacob Herman (ed.): The San Francisco Earthquake, no.4 (San Francisco Summer/Fall 1968) and Carl Weissner: 'Anemic Cinema' in 'The Braille Film". (Nova Broadcast Press, San Francisca, 1970).
Harold Norse, Sleutelgaten snuffen 
Ed Sanders, De harige tafel 
Carl Weisner, Anemesie Cinema
Cold Turkey Press is a legendary underground publishing house, which was active in Rotterdam from 1970 to 1976. Gerard Bellaart, artist and initiator, resumed the editing and publishing in 2006. Publications include a.o. Ira Cohen, William S. Burroughs, Heathcote Williams, Samuel Beckett, Sinclair Beiles, Jean Arp, Antonin Artaud, Kurt Schwitters, Ed Sanders, Ezra Pound and Gerard Bellaart himself. who is also responsible for the visual quality of all published Cold Turkey Press editions.

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