Hirschhorn~Thomas – Agnès b., Point d’ironie # 23


Rédacteur & chef: Hans Ulrich Obrist
Publisher: Agnès b., Paris
Year: 2001

Softcover, double folded, 30,5 x 43,4 cm, 8 page artist's publication.
condition: mint
A hybrid publication, half newspaper, half poster. The series originated during a discussion between agnes b., Christian Boltanski and Hans-Ulrich Obrist. Each issue gives carte blanche to an artist to appropriate the space of the paper.
Thomas Hirschhorn, born 1957 in Bern, Switzerland, has been working in Paris since 1954.

The Spinoza Monument (a document) is his contribution to Point d'ironie. It is a layout of texts and photographs documenting the public space projet, Spinoza Monument. The monument is the first in a series of four: Spinoza Monument; Delouse Monument, Bataille Monument, and Gramsci Monument. Point d'ironie is used as a tool to enlarge and continue the visibility of a local and punctual project.

This issue of Point d'ironie, with 300,000 copies distributed free of charge around the world, is the first in a one year series with Documenta11.


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