DENDEREN~Ad van – Go No Go. Die Grenzen von Europa*


Author: Ad van Denderen
Publisher: Edition Braus Heidelberg, Paradox, Edam
Year: 2003
ISBN: 978-3899040579

Softcover. 27x21 . First German edition. 268 pp., 107 black-and-white illustrations, German
Parr Vol 3.
Condition: mint, as new
Publisher's Description.
In Go No Go Ad van Denderen leads us along the edges of Europe where immigrants try to reach the West along smugglers' paths, with varying success. He takes us along to the police stations and refugee centers where, surrounded by their fist-thick dossiers, investigators try to determine the identities of the refugees. He shows us how men kill time in pensions until a band of smugglers can get them over the umpteenth border. He follows the refugees right up to the barbed wire at the rail tunnel at Calais, where they cut their way through, and further, until they are confronted with the next fence laced with barbed wire.

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