Breukel~Koos – ‘The Wretched skin’.*


Author: Michael Matthews & Martijn Daalder
Publisher: de Verbeelding, Amsterdam
Year: 1994
ISBN: 9090076239

Softcover with text booklet, unpaged, text in Dutch, 23 x 23 cm, first edition, design by Sabine Verschuren.
Condition: mint copy
Thunder, lightning and perhaps flames accompanied my birth. Oh, it was unique. Later, when I learned what makes me and me mostly different from you and you, I began to understand. I began to appreciate your fear of what makes me and me mostly...mostly different from you and you. Look at my hands. These are not hands like yours, yet they hold a book, a bat or a throat like yours. My legs are large. My hair is flaxen. My teeth are yellow. But some of yours are yellow too...and then there is the skin! Always the skin! The wretched skin!

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