BOT~Marrie. Miserere.*


Author: Bot~Marrie, Abram de Swaan
Publisher: Marrie Bot, Rotterdam
Year: 1985
Artist: Bot~Marrie
ISBN: 90-800066-3-7

3 pages Introduction by Abram de Swaan (Dutch soziologist)
Text by Marrie Bot describing each chapter

MISERERE – Die großen Bußwallfahrten in Europa
German soft cover edition published 1985 in an edition of 1500 copies
Soft cover,   28 x 27 cm, 132 pages, b/w photographic illustrations. Fine.
Miserere: Marrie Bot. 
Designed, written and published by Marrie Bot in 1984, MISERERE – The great pilgrimages of penance in Europe is a great example of an artist executing her idea to perfection. Marrie Bot photographed ten pilgrimages, in Portugal, Ireland, Poland, Spain, France and Greece, between 1976 and 1983. The title of this publication MISERERE (Lord have mercy) is taken from Psalm 50, and well chosen. Most of us would be desperate enough to clutch at straws during times of need, and this is painfully transparent in the stories told within this book. Marrie Bot’s black and white images reveal the astonishment, desperation, determination, and joy, of pure faith. She records all she witnesses with due seriousness and respect. There is an occasional ironic nod, but she nevertheless remains detached and non-judgemental. The book is a fascinating journey to places most of us know only by name and hearsay.
In terms of production and layout, it is a real period piece, but that only adds to its charm, and the book has undoubtedly proven it can stand the test of time.
One of the Best Dutch Photo Books

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