WEIJDE~Erik van der – foto.zine nr. 5◽


Publisher: 4478zine 
Year: 2013
Artist: WEIJDE~Erik van der 

Erik van der Weijde, Foto.zine nr. 5

Foto.zine nr. 5 is the last in a series of zine collections by Erik van der Weijde. This series consists of 5 different issues, all showing photographs taken in Brazil.

Buzios shows colored B/W photos of a beachtown with its many tv antennas. Fusca shows a series of Volkswagen Beetles in the streets of Natal. Motel contains a series of Love Motels in a city. Jardins holds a large collection of appartment entrances in a fancy Sao Paulo neighbourhood. Lixo holds series of garbage baskets, photographed at night.

Publishing date Sep 2013

(total of) 116 pages
papers used: Jornal 55 / Polen Bold 90 / Polen Soft 80
15×21 cm
offset printed in Brazil