Rotterdam in the Picture*


Author: Jong en Frits Gierstberg, Contributors: Wilfried de Jong en Jules Deelder~Joop de
Publisher: Hannibal
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9789492081179
Hardcover, 240 pp., Bilingual edition English-Dutch, 33,5 x 23 cm.
Condition: New
175 years of photography in Rotterdam

Bold, cheeky, dynamic, modern: Rotterdam ain’t afraid of no one. Again and again this city has been turned upside down, in a continuous process of demolition, (re)construction and expansion. Always forward! With the enormous port acting as a driving force for its economy and social life, Rotterdam holds a unique position within the Netherlands. High-rise architecture, space, water and wind determine the character of this multicultural, international city that longs to be a metropolis.

For the first time in the history of Rotterdam, this book makes a coherent selection from 175 years of photographic works, including familiar and celebrated images as well as many unknown highlights. This overview clearly shows how photographers have seen the city over time. From the oldest picture right up to a photograph from 2015, this book tells one long visual tale of a city under continual development.

The unique photographs, including work by A. von Barsy, Marrie Bot, Kim Bouvy, Georg Hendrik Breitner, Wally Elenbaas, Carel van Hees, Peter Martens, Carl Emil Mögle, Kees Molkenboer, Cas Oorthuys, Pieter Oosterhuis, Bas Princen, Frits J. Rotgans and Paul Schuitema, make “Rotterdam in the Picture’ a book that every died-in-the-wool Rotterdam lover will want to have.

Compiled by Frits Gierstberg and Joop de Jong with a foreword by Wilfried de Jong.

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