Wenzel~Anne – ‘The Bacon Project’.*


Author: Sacha Bronwasser, Richard Leydier.
Publisher: Self publishing
Year : 2021

Hardcover, 80 pages, full color, 21 x 15,5 cm, E/D/F
Condition: NEW
During the first lockdown, when everything became silent, Anne Wenzel took the decision to consider this extra time as present and to use this time for something she had already for a long time in her mind: she wanted to do studie after the work of Francis Bacon. She started to re-build the paintings accurately. In the beginning she just used clay, but soon more technical solutions had to be found. She learned how to enamel, how to weld. She tried to drip silk in silicone. She did for weeks research to find the right colors in glaze which would match with the paintings of Bacon and she fought against gravity.
At the end she made twelve little, ceramic installations. But the most important result was the research itself. The lessons she learned, taught by the paintings of Francis Bacon.

These results are published now in this artist book. For the main text, art critic and writer Sacha Bronwasser talked with Anne Wenzel in her studio about the proces of making and thinking. All twelve sculptures are included in the book too, as well as the original paintings by Francis Bacons. The introduction is written by the French editor and curator Richard Leydier.

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