Tinguely~Jean – ‘A Magic Stronger than Death’


Author:Pontus Hultén,  Jean Tinguely, Palazzo Grassi a.o.
Publisher: Abbeville Press Publishers, New York

Softcover, 384 pages, text in English, first edition.
Condition: good
Tinguely is probably best known here for "Homage to New York," his 1960 self-destructing machine sculpture. In Europe he has exhibited frequently; built enormous, colorful structures (with Niki de Saint-Phalle); created fountains in public plazas; and designed a cafe. Long-time friend Hulten, a curator of avant-garde collections, here recapitulates his Jean Tinguely: "Meta" (1975)which deals with the work up to 1972and then discusses the work up to 1987. Fortunately, the rather ponderous text is minimal; the book is essentially a celebratory picture album of sketches, snapshots, and elegant black-and-white and color plates documenting the kinetic sculpture and often anarchic events. A worthwhile addition to art and contemporary culture collections. Margot Karp, Pratt Inst., New York
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