Smith~David – ‘David Smith in Italy’.


Author: Giovanni Carandente (Editor)
Publisher: Charta 
Year: 1995
ISBN: 8881580241

Softcover, 116 pages, English edition, 32 x 24 cm
Condition:  very good, near mint
The late David Smith is regarded worldwide as one of the most important American sculptors. Through the photographs of Uga Mulas, David Smith in Italy documents the exhibition of his work as it was displayed at in Milan's dramatic PradaMilanoArte. The exhibition was comprised of works that were loaned by the most prestigious private and institutional collections in the United States, and was curated by Smith's daughter. It included 13 large sculptures, 24 mixed-media works, watercolors and several original photographs by Mulas. Smith's artistic relationship with Mulas (and indeed with Italy) dates back to 1962, when Smith created an exhibition for the Spoleto Two Worlds Festival and was photographed by Mulas.

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