SHERMAN~ Cindy – 2016*


Author: Betsy Berne
Publisher: Hartmann Books, Stuttgart
Yaer: 2012
ISBN: 978-3-96070-001-2

hardcover, 64 pages, English/German, 20,8 x 17 cm
Condition: as new

his small but carefully edited and crafted book presents all 20 photographs of a completely new body of work Cindy Sherman finished in 2016. Sherman's brilliant insights into the construction of identity and uncanny skills as a photographer, model, makeup artist and stylist have made her one of the most important artists in contemporary art. In this latest series Sherman focuses on the first era of Hollywood's star system that presented complex independent women characterized by exaggerated makeup, modern clothing and seductive poses in 1920s Hollywood publicity photos. These women-of-a-certain-age, who stand in front of digitally manipulated backgrounds to allude to old film sets, have definitely lived life with considerable strength and presence.

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