Ruijter~Gerco de – ‘Grid Corrections’*


 ‘One of 2019 Best books’, Photo-eye
‘Words and pictures form a book within a book that is a model for a new kind of project monograph’ - Mark Klett, Photoeye
Author: Peter Delpeut
Publisher: NAI/010 Publishers

Softcover, 452 pages, Dutch/English, 22 x 22 cm, illustrated 150 full color.
Design: Irma Boom
Condition: new

This book presents a selection of over 150 grid corrections, selected and designed by Gerco de Ruijter and graphic designer Irma Boom. Accompanied by a text by writer Peter Delpeut, this exceptionally designed book is a work of art and monument in one, a testimony to the human urge to design the landscape and the many ways in which nature responds to that urge.

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